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Pottery was one of man’s first artefacts. It is the presence of pottery, rather than of the polished stone, that marks the passage from the Mesolithic to the Neolithic Ages, when

agricultural peoples settled both in the Mediterranean area and in the Middle East. It is commonly believed that the earliest pottery receptacles copied those of other materials,

such as gourds or baskets. From the fingerprints on them, it is possible to deduce that they were made principally by women. Originally, any decoration was indented; that is,

patterns were pressed into the soft clay, and it remained so for a long period until new situations, at different times in different parts of the world, produced painted decoration. As

a widespread form of culture, permanently bearing in its shapes and decoration the character of individual periods and peoples, the finding of pottery has been of supreme

importance to the archaeologist.

65. One can understand from the passage that ----.

A ) pottery production gave rise to agricultural

development in the Middle East

B ) pottery production achieved technical perfection in the Mesolithic age

C ) the pottery of the Mesolithic Age is indistinguishable from that of the Neolithic Age

D ) pottery can be used to trace development in early human civilizations

E ) the Neolithic Ages in the Mediterranean area are largely characterized by the use of polished stone

66. According to the passage, it was during the Neolithic Age that ----.

A ) agricultural peoples began to settle in the Middle East and along the Mediterranean

B ) coloured stones were frequently collected and polished

C ) people first recognized the need for containers and began to make baskets and use gourds to carry water

D ) painted decoration of pottery gave way to

decoration by indentation

E ) pottery making spread from the Middle East to other parts of the world

67. It is made clear in the passage that early

examples of pottery ----.

A ) were probably intended for holding water and other liquids

B ) were almost invariably made by men

C ) served no practical purpose at all

D ) were made in known shapes like those of baskets

E ) tell us nothing at all about the people who made


68. As is pointed out in the passage, pottery is of great importance to archaeologists largely because


A ) it has considerable artistic beauty

B ) the fingerprints of the makers are preserved in them

C ) it preserves the character of individual periods

D ) it is more durable than other artefacts

E ) it is the very first artefact ever to be made by


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